4 Ways To Make Money… With Coding

A close-up of a laptop screen shows a system of code in development.

Whether you’re a self-starter or a goal-getter, we all have to pay the bills. If you’re thinking about learning to code to expand your job options in the development field and you’re just not sure how you can advance your salary, then read on. Coding takes seriously hard work and it’s something you should pursue out of passion and not just financial gains… But here are just a few ways you can turn your passion for coding into cash.

Coding positions generally pay more.

Almost half (49%) of all jobs that pay more than $58,000 require at least some coding skills. That’s pretty good news for people who already possess these abilities. For those of us who don’t have coding skills (yet), consider joining a coding boot camp. A coding boot camp will teach you the fundamentals of several popular and useful coding languages, and more. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to turn coding into a profitable career.

Knowing code gives you the opportunity to make money the way you want.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, learning to code will let you take charge of building your future business. Imagine designing and developing your original idea from the ground up as opposed to paying someone else to take on the task. Outsourcing your project can result in long, drawn-out hours (which becomes expensive) and a product that might not be true to your vision.

Once you have the technical skills and know-how to personally make your digital dream into a reality you’ll be one big step closer to starting a business.

Crowdsource and freelance websites bring in additional income.

Crowdsourcing has become one of this years hottest growing digital trends, thanks to increasing internet connectedness. It has revolutionized the way we work, and collaborate with others. Crowdsourcing sites like 99designs connects solo professionals with companies who need a specific service performed (one logo designed, for instance.) By getting on a crowdsourcing site, you’re able to increase your visibility for hundreds, if not thousands, of potential side projects you could be working on. Freelancing on the side means you can determine your own pricing per service, and set a work schedule that fits your lifestyle.  You can also take on multiple clients, which means multiple sources of income.

You now have the ability to teach others.

You’ve worked hard to earn your skills, so now you get the chance to reap the benefits. If you have the confidence and patience required to teach others, then it’s time to capitalize on your knowledge of this important skill.  

Though you might not yet be qualified to become the university’s next top-paid coding instructor, you can teach the basics while, for a little extra money in your pocket.  Look for Coding Instructor job postings with organizations like 2U, Inc. for these opportunities. When you share these skills with other interested folks, you also demonstrate the importance of this growing field.

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