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At GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc., we’re committed to delivering professionals cutting-edge educational opportunities from renowned universities and thought leaders that are designed to be relevant and responsive to the future of work. Occasionally, those thought leaders include global brands on the front lines of their industries that can provide learners with timely insight on the most pressing topics across the globe; a front row seat to the future as it’s playing out. Thought leaders like The Economist.

This week, The Economist announced its new partnership with GetSmarter to bring short courses developed by its award-winning editorial team to life. Intended to serve senior leaders and executives, the short courses will provide actionable insights, practical skills, and networking opportunities through a unique journalistic lens to help participants advance in their careers and shape the future of their organizations. The first six-week course, “The New Global Order: How Politics, Business and Technology are Changing,” launches in May and will offer participants an advanced and extensive view of today’s world order.

The Economist is a brand widely recognized for consistently insightful analysis on world events. Its journalists will offer learners real-time insight on a range of topics, including how to adapt the media brand’s rigorous and compelling writing style to the business environment and how to develop a business strategy aligned with dramatic shifts in geopolitics.

In the same way that 2U, Inc. bootcamps bring industry professionals to the front of the classroom to teach fast-changing technical skills, we’re looking forward to embracing more opportunities to bring students access to experts spearheading change across their industries through the GetSmarter brand.

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