Career Pathway: Digital Marketing

Pathway Overview

Why Digital Marketing?

  • Global impact
  • Tech scene vs. techie
  • Advancement and opportunity
  • Lifelong challenge

Digital marketing is now a staple in the business world and often the demand is higher than the supply for people skilled in the field—those who are creative, can write, design, produce, and market to solve problems, as well as engage audiences. Digital marketing also provides opportunities in the tech world outside of a design or development capacity. And the field is always changing therefore, digital marketers are always learning, which provides a challenging, creative, and rewarding career path.

Note: The title may change the level of the position i.e. Senior Promotions Manager makes the role mid-to-senior level vs. entry level.

Pathway Certifications

In digital marketing, there are no “required” certifications; ultimately, your ability to land a specific role comes down to your experience and proficiency with these in-demand skills, as well as your willingness to continue learning. Along with these skills, a bachelor’s degree is often a minimum requirement.

CertificationDefinition/PurposeAssociated Roles
AWSAmazon Web ServicesSearch engine optimization (SEO) tasks/roles
Bing AdsBing Ads CertificationSearch engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
Facebook BlueprintFacebook Certified Planning Professional/Certified Buying ProfessionalOnline social campaigns and marketing.
GoogleGoogle Ads/Google AnalyticsOnline social campaigns and marketing.
HubspotHubspot Content or Inbound MarketingRole/tasks with digital marketing strategy. 
YouTubeYouTube CertificationVideo content strategy.
TwitterTwitter Flight SchoolOnline social campaigns and marketing.

In-Demand Skills

*Ultimately, your ability to land a specific role will come down to your proficiency in these in-demand skills and your willingness to learn new ones. 

An “*” indicates a top skill in the digital marketing landscape. This list encompasses the field as a whole.

Field-Specific Skills

  • *Digital Advertising and Analytics
    • Marketing Metrics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager
  • *Web Analytics & Design
    • Google Analytics, A/B Testing, basic HTML/CSS, WordPress, SEO
  • Content Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Content Mapping
  • Digital Advertising & Analytics
    • Google Ads, Google Display, Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Paid-Per-Click, Paid Social Media: (i.e. Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Ads & LinkedIn Campaign)
  • Agile methodologies and process
  • Data Analysis & Management
  • Email Marketing & CRM Software
    • Salesforce, Tableau, MailChimp
  • Graphic Design
    • Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc.
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Building/Strategy, Customer Journey Mapping, Conversion Funnels, Campaign Management/Optimization

Transferable Skills

  • AnalyticalAgile/Flexible
  • Business-minded
  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Customer-centric
  • Inquisitive
  • Attentive
  • Innovative
  • Objective
  • Relationship builder
  • Communicative
  • Strategic 

Job Descriptions

*Note: Below is a basic guide to kick-start your exploration of digital marketing roles; not a complete list of all options and paths within each level.


Content Strategist

Provide editorial, creative, and technical support. Create and utilize set strategies to attract new inbound users and diverse content. Possess strong writing and editing skills. Function as the point person for social media campaigns. Host feedback and learning sessions, utilize SEO best practices, and focus on end-to-end vendor experience. Tags: Content Marketer, Digital Content, Jr., Sr.

Relevant Certifications: Any Google/social media certification

Aligned Roles: Content Writer, Copywriter, Communications Associate 

Future Roles: Content Creator/Producer, Manager/Director

Build, launch, optimize, and maintain paid search and display campaigns, bid adjustments, keyword expansion, and daypart adjustments to drive performance. Work with media teams for cross-tier coordination. Test and analyze new search formats and betas. Tags: Paid Ads Manager, Paid Marketing Manager.

Relevant Certifications: Google certs, Bing Ads, Yahoo, AWS, social media certs, YouTube

Aligned Roles: Research Assistant, Jr. Account Manager

Future Roles: Paid Per Search (PPS) or SEO roles

SEO Specialist

Responsible for conducting keyword searches, using tracking tools,  improving website rankings on search engines, and transforming results into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing strategies. As a result, increase the brand awareness and customer knowledge. They enjoy research and creative thinking while also meeting deadlines. Tags: Search Engine Optimization, SEO Strategist..

Relevant Certifications: Google certs/ClickMinded, HubSpot, MS Office

Aligned Roles: Content Writer, Digital/Social Media/Advertising

Future Roles: SEO management roles


Brand Strategist

Collaborate with internal teams to drive market research on knowledge of current and future audiences and landscapes. By connecting data with product content, they mobilize campaign tactics, case studies, and craft strategic proposals and presentations. You may work with the editorial team to package initiatives and content to clients. Tags: consultant, creative strategist, digital strategist, brand marketing specialist.

Relevant Certifications: Google, social media certs

Previous Roles: Copywriter, Account Manager, Ad Sales Associate

Future Roles: President of Brands, Strategic Planner, Global Marketing Manager, Sr. Manager of Insights & Brand Strategy

Content Marketing Manager

Define and drive the creative direction, brand standards, and development of all content campaigns in collaboration with internal cross-functional and external partners. Help extend the brand vision to digital experiences to inspire, educate, or activate audiences. Tags: Brand Content Lead, Creative Director. 

Relevant Certifications: Any/All

Previous Roles: Consultant, Copywriter, Marketing Specialist

Future Roles: Sr. Brand Director, VP, Creative Advertising, Promotions Director

Marketing & Communications Manager

Develop and execute marketing content strategies within all communications channels. Use email and social media strategy to drive engagement, awareness, and sales. Foster strategic relations, draft and distribute press releases, analyze data for reports, and edit and/or write web copy for SEO strategy.  Tags: Consultant, Design & Communications Specialist, Marketing Communications Manager.

Relevant Certifications: Any/All, CopyBlogger, Google, Hubspot 

Previous Roles: Ad Sales Associate, Consultant, Social Media Manager, Publicist

Future Roles: Sr. Manager of Brand Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Senior Level:

Senior Digital Marketing Manager (SMO)

Create, develop, and manage content for digital presence. Cross-functionally coordinate projects, including tracking and reporting metrics for marketing campaigns and solutions for growth. Perform managerial tasks such as overseeing profitability, deliverables, timelines, and budgets, as well as support the development of a team.  Tags: Sr. Marketing Officer, Digital Marketing Director, Digital Media Director, Marketing Manager.

Relevant Certifications: Any/All, Google Analytics, social media certs

Previous Roles: Content Strategist, Email/Campaign Manager, Digital Marketing Manager

Future Roles: VP of Global Digital Marketing, Head of Digital Media, Sr. Promotions Manager

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

Represent media, creative content, and digital entities for a company. Develop strong relationships with customers and stakeholders to drive revenue and growth, and work with high-impact clients from contract to fulfillment. Advise on campaign strategy and insights, and lead the prioritization of programs and projects. Tags: Global Strategic Alliance/Partner/Initiative

Relevant Certifications: Google Analytics, MS Office, Keynote

Previous Roles: Marketing and/or Communications Manager

Future Roles: VP of Strategic Partnership, Brand/Marketing Consultant

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