Business Brand Statement Samples

Your brand statement expresses your professional value and introduces you to employers, networking partners, and colleagues. It provides a platform to share what makes your accomplishments and relevant skills unique attributes. You can also tailor it to fit most interactive situations. The purpose of professional branding is to a) demonstrate your passion for the field, b) emphasize your unique value, and c) give your listener an idea of your professional persona. 

You can get more detailed advice in our article Build Your Brand Statement Guide: Business.

Branding Your MBA Degree

The Master of Business Administration degree is versatile and provides many specialized paths you can follow. Once you’ve selected a specialty, it’s important to be able to confidently communicate your knowledge, skills, and abilities to potential employers. Focus on your interest in business, your industry-specific specialization and why it’s important to you, and why you’re a good fit for the role you’re pursuing.

Below are brand statement samples curated according to career personas. The personas reflect where someone is in their career. See the persona characteristics below to help you decide which brand statement sample is best for you.

Career Starter:

  • Little to no professional experience.
  • Recent graduate or currently in program of study.
  • Likely pursuing a junior, associate, or other entry-level role.
  • Transferable skills from other work unrelated to field of study. This includes paid or unpaid work.

Career Switcher:

  • Unsatisfied with current career path and seeking a new one.
  • Unrelated professional experience.
  • Transferable skills from previous professional work experience.
  • Likely seeking entry-level roles, but may qualify for higher-levels depending on previous professional experience.

Career Advancer:

  • Related professional experience.
  • Currently holds a mid-senior level role within the field.
  • Likely seeking senior, director, or executive level roles within the field.

SAMPLE 1 – Career Starter

Business analyst leveraging excellent statistical analysis and data mining skills. Recently earned a master’s degree in [program] from the [school name] to hone skills in critical thinking, reporting and visualization, and business management. I enjoy working toward cross-functional group efforts to meet goals and over-deliver on defined expectations. Previous managers and teammates often complimented my attention to detail and problem-solving ability. I’m excited to combine existing technical knowledge with newfound business skills to begin a rewarding career.

SAMPLE 2 – Career Switcher

Project manager with leadership experience owning all stages of the project lifecycle who exceeds expectations on time and on budget. Previous experience includes project manager for the cruise line, Carnival, where I oversaw the execution of nightly entertainment. In this role, I managed a team of fifty-three staff members. Additionally, I completed the [program] at the [school name], where I developed knowledge and experience in business and data analysis as well as accounting and finance, among other areas. Planned, launched, and successfully executed a series of televised shows aired by Carnival. Have also led teams of varying sizes in previous roles to meet company goals. Excited to combine business training and management experience to continue leading teams to success.

SAMPLE 3 – Career Advancer

Director of financial operations with 6+ years of experience focusing on revenue growth and bottom-line performance. Currently, I provide financial expertise, assist in developing strategy, executing plans, harmonizing KPIs, thinking strategically about the commercial organization, and developing tactics to ensure financial plans and forecasts are met. Strong leadership acumen with proven skills in cross-functional collaboration to achieve goals in corporate environments. Recently earned a [degree from program] from [school name] where I developed expertise in statistical analysis and data mining as well as reporting and visualization. Poised to bring a solid foundation in finance and accounting to lead large, complex operations.

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