Computer Science and Engineering Brand Statement Samples

Your brand statement expresses your professional value in a clear and concise introduction for employers. Think of it as a tool for you to tell the industry your story, including your education, accomplishments, and skills. You can get more detailed advice in our Brand Statement Guide.

Career Starter

Software engineer leveraging consistent experience in community leadership using technology to help organizations expand their impact. Has worked collaboratively on projects to upgrade technical platforms, integrate new technology, and facilitate training with organization users. Strong interpersonal and communication skills make me an invaluable team member. Recently earned a master’s degree in [program] from the [school name] to hone skills in software development, machine learning, and data analytics. Currently working on an app that will allow local organizations to track and analyze data to more effectively make timely data-driven decisions. Enjoy cross-functional team efforts, taking on new challenges, and using technical skills to make positive impacts.

Career Switcher

Application development manager with leadership experience and technical know-how. Previous experience includes software development, quality assurance, and team leadership. Additionally, completed the [program] at the [school name] to develop deeper technical knowledge and experience in machine learning, visual analytics, and interactive intelligence among other skills. Strengths include building successful relationships and analyzing data to identify areas of improvement. Excited to combine technical training and management experience to continue leading teams to success.

Career Advancer

Product director with 8+ years of experience collaborating with business partners across the organization to justify changes to client systems, business practices, and product offerings with sound analysis and logic, forecasting expected growth and profit impacts. Experience designing project plans and managing project execution, including resource arrangement, schedule management, cost control, deliverable management, and regular project reporting. Earned a [degree] in [program] from [school name] where I updated my skills in artificial intelligence, security and assurance, and computer architecture, furthering my ability to develop compelling product and service roadmaps to deliver continued innovation to customers. 

Into the (Un)known

Robert Delfs explains how the framework of knowns and unknowns can help instructors along the path of discovery.

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