Demo Day At-a-Glance


When you have successfully completed your boot camp program, you will receive an invitation to Demo Day and a Demo Day Information Session, which will help you prepare.

Demo Day is an interactive networking experience, connecting industry professionals and program alumni with presenting boot camp participants.

As a presenter, you will demonstrate your new skill set, receive high-level feedback, and gain career insights from tech industry professionals.

Use Demo Day to practice your pitch, speak about your new skill set, and to gain valuable feedback.

Watch this video to learn more about presenting your project and preparing for Demo Day.

Showcase Your Skills

Mentors with tech industry experience will attend your presentations and give real-time feedback.

Participation is what makes this event great. We encourage our attendees to keep their cameras on and stay engaged.

Get Prepared

  • Have all your career materials up-to-date and ready to share. (i.e. your LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and Github)
  • Amply practice your presentation and feel comfortable with the information.
  • Dress in business professional or business casual attire, have a stable internet connection, and have reliable technology.
  • Download our Demo Day Preparation Checklist.

Questions to Practice

  • Did you (or your group) run into any (technical or non) challenges during the process?
  • Did you (or your group) consider the real-world implications of your app/skill?
  • Have you (or your group) talked to anyone who might use the product, to get feedback?
  • Are there any additional features that you (or your group) would add if you had the time to do so?

Event Timeline

  1. Orientation
  2. 30 minute presentation sessions
  3. Table rotation for presentations
  4. Networking

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