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Your brand statement provides a clear and concise introduction and expresses your professional value to employers. Think of it as a tool for you to tell the education industry your story, including your education, accomplishments, and skills. You can get more detailed advice in our Brand Statement Guide.

Career Starter

ESOL teacher with strong interpersonal and curriculum development skills refined during two years as an after-school tutor. Earned a Master of Arts in Teaching – TESOL from the [school name] to develop skills to teach non-native speakers. Passionate about working with children from diverse backgrounds to close achievement gaps among ESOL and non-ESOL students and to help families celebrate their languages and cultures of origin. 

Career Switcher

Instructional designer focused on teaching and learning in higher education leveraging experience in social media. Earned Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership from the [school name] to develop expertise in learning principles, instructional design techniques, and higher education. Collaborated with higher ed faculty during capstone to explore barriers to interactive online assignments. Excited to blend tech-savvy background in social media with instructional design skills to help faculty master emerging technologies in the classroom. 

Career Advancer

Elementary school assistant principal bringing seven years of experience as a lead teacher to the next level by completing the principal licensure path as part of the Master of Science in Education (MSE) in Educational Leadership at [school name]. Extensive background providing curriculum and instructional support to teachers and excited to apply policy, budget, and management skills developed during MSE to a Title I elementary school. Passionate about equity in education and collaborating with parents, staff, and students to provide all students with the best education possible. 

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

As a first-generation college student, Erika Gonzalez used her Master’s program as an opportunity to face her imposter syndrome head on.

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