GitHub Guide: FinTech


Industry-Backed GitHub
An industry-backed GitHub profile highlights projects that you’re proud of, documents them through README files and in-code comments, and presents clear, reader friendly code. It shows meaningful contributions to individual and group projects, clear READMEs, and modular, clean code.

Visit an industry-backed FinTech GitHub profile: GitHub Profile Sample

Use the following criteria to develop your GitHub profile. The same criteria will be used when providing feedback.

GitHub Profile Criteria

Clean and Organized Repositories

  • At least 3-6 pinned repositories.
  • Each repository has a working code.
  • Each repository is professionally named (i.e. Austin Weather Analysis vs. homework12).
  • Each repository has a descriptive tagline.

Code Readability

  • Clear variables.
  • Consistent spacing and indentation.
  • Jupyter Notebook files contain comments and markdown headings.

Code Follows Technical Standards

  • Linted code, free of errors.

Commit Histories

  • At least 5 commits per repository.
  • No profanity in commit history.
  • Meaningful commit messages.



Hide pinned projects that do not meet all of the following criteria:

  • Each project contains a README file in Markdown format.
  • Each project contains a summary that clearly explains your individual contributions.
  • If the project is deployed, a link is available and functional.
  • Each project contains, if necessary, technical details required to run the code.
  • If appropriate, each project contains visualizations, e.g. screenshots or GIFs.

Professional Profile

  • A professional photo or an image (something other than the default identicon).
  • Contact information is listed in the profile.
  • A professional descriptive tagline, e.g. “Financial analyst working primarily in Python”.

Correct Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

  • Consistent punctuation throughout.
  • No grammar errors or spelling errors.

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