GitHub Guide: FinTech


Industry-Backed GitHub
An industry-backed GitHub profile highlights projects that you’re proud of, documents them through README files and in-code comments, and presents clear, reader friendly code. It shows meaningful contributions to individual and group projects, clear READMEs, and modular, clean code.

Visit an industry-backed FinTech GitHub profile: GitHub Profile Sample

Use the following criteria to develop your GitHub profile. The same criteria will be used when providing feedback.

GitHub Profile Criteria

Clean and Organized Repositories

  • At least 3-6 pinned repositories.
  • Each repository has a working code.
  • Each repository is professionally named (i.e. Austin Weather Analysis vs. homework12).
  • Each repository has a descriptive tagline.

Code Readability

  • Clear variables.
  • Consistent spacing and indentation.
  • Jupyter Notebook files contain comments and markdown headings.

Code Follows Technical Standards

  • Linted code, free of errors.

Commit Histories

  • At least 5 commits per repository.
  • No profanity in commit history.
  • Meaningful commit messages.



Hide pinned projects that do not meet all of the following criteria:

  • Each project contains a README file in Markdown format.
  • Each project contains a summary that clearly explains your individual contributions.
  • If the project is deployed, a link is available and functional.
  • Each project contains, if necessary, technical details required to run the code.
  • If appropriate, each project contains visualizations, e.g. screenshots or GIFs.

Professional Profile

  • A professional photo or an image (something other than the default identicon).
  • Contact information is listed in the profile.
  • A professional descriptive tagline, e.g. “Financial analyst working primarily in Python”.

Correct Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

  • Consistent punctuation throughout.
  • No grammar errors or spelling errors.

The Beginner’s Guide to FinTech

Even if you are not very familiar with fintech, it’s likely you’re already benefiting from it. Simply put, fintech enhances financial activities through the application of technology.

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