Intro to Career Support: Data Analysis

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How You’re Supported as an Enrolled Boot Camp Student:

  • Career Materials Unlimited feedback on professional materials to help you become employer-ready.
  • Career Coaching – Quality coaching, strategies, and resources to help you become employer-ready. 
  • Career Events and Workshops – We conduct ongoing behavioral and field-specific workshops, as well as engagement opportunities with industry professionals to help you become employer-ready. Check out our upcoming Career Connections!
  • Referrals Once your materials are industry-backed and approved, you are eligible for referrals with industry to network through the relationships we’ve built and increase your visibility.

Career Material Submissions:

  1. Pave Intro and Career Goals: Here you will find a brief introduction to the career services support offered to reach your career goals and become Employer-Ready. You will also utilize resources to research target roles based on your background, interests, and skills.
  2. Get Started: You will develop an industry-backed resume or CV, and submit it to your coursework LMS for feedback. Remember to submit an intake form to initiate career services support here if you’d like a more personalized review experience.
  3. Personal Brand and LinkedIn: Review a professional brand statement that you can use for a variety of purposes including creating and/or polishing your LinkedIn profile that you may submit for feedback.
  4. Online Presence: You will update your career materials to meet industry-backed standards and submit links in your coursework LMS for feedback.
  5. Job Search and Networking: For this career submission, you will implement previous feedback in your career materials. In addition, identify best practices for networking and how to successfully prepare for the interview process.
  6. Get Hired: You will schedule a 1:1 with your career coach while implementing previous feedback in your career materials. You may re-submit career materials for a final review via your coursework LMS. Once you’re approved, you will be Employer-Ready!

What is Employer-Ready?

Employer-Ready means that you have the industry-backed materials to give yourself the best chance to secure your desired job. Your job search materials are excellent, you are well-prepared for interviews, and you are pro-actively seeking and pursuing the jobs that you want with multiple networking strategies.


Employer-Ready Criteria by Persona

Create Professional Resume or CV

  • Clear, concise, and compelling resume or CV, tailored to the type of job you’re applying for.
  • Targeted cover letters that capture why you want to work for each company.
  • Up-to-date LinkedIn profile with strong bio statement, a professional photo, links to your GitHub, includes projects section. 

Polish Your GitHub 

  • GitHub: 5 commits, refactor previously submitted code.
  • Contribute regularly to open source projects.
  • 3-6 pinned repositories, all of which have professional titles (not “Homework 1”), thorough READMEs, and clean code.

Professional LinkedIn Profile

  • Compelling introductory information.
  • Easy-to-follow education and experience section.
  • Skills, recommendations, and accomplishments.

Build Your Visibility 

  • Attend all employer-facing events organized by the program.
  • Attend 1-2 local Meetups / Eventbrite events per week, make 2-3 solid connections per event.
  • Create business cards, include desired title, links to GitHub, LinkedIn, and QR code for resume or CV.
  • Reach out to your entire network to let them know what types of roles you’re looking for specifically.
  • Use LinkedIn to connect weekly with 5 employees/decision-makers.
  • Conduct 3+ informational interviews weekly with industry leaders.
  • Follow desired companies on social media.

Prepare for a Successful Interview 

  • Complete ‘Interview Stories’ worksheet prior to a behavioral interview session.
  • Attend a behavioral interview session.
  • Research common behavioral interview questions, write answers, practice until your answers flow.
  • Schedule a 1:1 mock behavioral interview with your career coach.
  • Attend technical interview sessions.
  • Attend TA office hours for 1:1 technical interview support / practice.

Apply to Jobs 

  • Apply to at least 10 jobs per week.
  • Set up email notifications for your common keyword searches from job boards.
  • Share application status with your career coach so he/she can leverage possible employer relationships or alumni connections.
  • Follow up on all applications within 1 week.

Improve Your Skills 

  • Take courses online, target your learning by researching the technology in-demand in your market.
  • Build a solo project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Career Personas

Question: What does it mean to be a Starter, Switcher, or Advancer persona?

Answer: Many job-seekers identify as one persona while others may identify with more than one. The basic definitions are below:

STARTERS: Establishing a professional identity with little to no prior experience.

SWITCHERS: Rebranding to align professional identity with new aspirations or industry pursuit.

ADVANCERS: Positioning for growth or upward mobility.

Cover Letter and Interview Prep

Question:  Where can I find resume and cover letter templates?

Answer: You can access Tools and Resources on the Career Engagement Network. 

Question: Can you assist me with my cover letter when I apply for jobs? Can I send you job descriptions to see if you think they are a good fit for me?

Answer: Once your materials are industry-backed and approved, you can work with your Career Coach on questions related to the job search. This includes reviewing job postings and tailoring cover letters for specific job applications. 

Question: Can we set up a practice interview?

Answer:  Once you are Employer-Ready, your Career Coach will be able to assist you with interview preparation and practice.  

Career Advice: Tips to Consider When Ghosted by an Employer

Job seekers have very little control over whether or not they get ghosted. Because of this, responding to or overcoming those situations requires a balance of active and reactive strategies. Learn what our experts recommend.

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