Law Brand Statement Samples

Your brand statement expresses your professional value and provides a clear and concise introduction for employers. Think of it as a tool for you to tell the industry your story, including your education, accomplishments, and skills. View a detailed brand statement guide here.

Key aspects of branding are to a) demonstrate your passion for the field and b) emphasize the value and skills you bring. Consider these elements as they relate to your background in legal studies. 

Branding your MLS Degree

The MLS degree is still relatively new to the higher education landscape, so you need to ensure you can speak confidently about your degree to potential employers. Here are  primary aspects to focus on:

  • Your interest in legal matters.
  • How you want to advance your career with legal knowledge.
  • Any industry-specific specializations you chose and why you’re passionate about them. 
  • The specific role you’re applying for/interested in and why it’s a better fit for you than becoming a lawyer.

Being able to articulate your interests in legal studies, and how your MLS degree provides you with the knowledge and tools to pursue a career that you’re passionate about will help employers understand your education, experience, and motivation for joining their organization. 

Here’s an example of how someone could answer the question: “Tell me why you got an MLS.”

“I was interested in pursuing a career in compliance, but also wanted to learn about negotiation, preparing legal documents, and legal research. The MLS degree opened up many avenues for me within the legal field. I’m pursuing a role as a human resources manager because I love the intersectionality of business operations, compliance matters, and equity among employees.”

Career Starter

Legal assistant leveraging a background in customer service to deliver client satisfaction through administrative support and outstanding service. Earned a Master of Legal Studies degree from the [school name] to hone skills in research, negotiation, and compliance. Often tagged by management to prepare high-quality case files and fact check existing documents under expedited timeline because of detail-oriented nature. Passionate about communicating with internal and external stakeholders to over-deliver on client expectations. 

Career Switcher

Compliance officer leveraging a background in finance to shape a career specializing in tax preparation and compliance. Earned a Master of Legal Studies from the [school name] to hone skills in due diligence and contract negotiation. Experience evaluating and adjusting compliance regulations for an accounting firm under an expedited deadline. Excited to combine customer service skills and dedication to business operation standards leading clients to success. Passionate about helping clients avoid risk and maximize gain through high-quality research and preparation.

Career Advancer

Cybersecurity legal specialist leveraging a five-year career in privacy law through leadership and training expertise. Facilitate regular staff training regarding new consumer data privacy trends and laws. Earned a Master of Legal Studies degree from the [school name] and specialized in cybersecurity law. Expert in regulations and law related to cybersecurity and governance. Passionate about using expertise to foster a safe and productive work environment for employees.

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