Physician Assistant Brand Statement Samples

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Your brand statement expresses your professional value in a clear and concise introduction for employers. Think of it as a tool for you to tell the healthcare industry your story, including your education, accomplishments, and skills. You can get more detailed advice in our Brand Statement Guide.

Career Starter

Physician assistant with strong interpersonal and collaborative skills developed during clinical rotations and eighteen months working as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Graduated from physician assistant school at the [school name] and now completing required clinical and elective rotations in dermatology, ambulatory care, and cardiology. Dedicated to providing patients from all backgrounds high-quality, thorough care at a hospital that values innovation, compassion, and diversity.

Career Switcher

Pediatric physician assistant leveraging extensive background as a science teacher to work with kids in a new capacity. Earned Master of Physician Assistant degree from the [school name] to provide high quality healthcare to children. Completed three clinical rotations in pediatrics and one rotation in neonatology. Excited to combine experience in the education field with clinical skills to promote wellness and treat health conditions in children.

Career Advancer

Emergency medicine physician assistant bringing ten years of experience as an emergency medical technician (EMT) to new heights by earning a Master of Medical Science for Physician Associates (physician assistant) degree from the [school name] . Skilled in responding to a wide variety of medical issues from the everyday to large natural disasters. Expanded medical knowledge during clinical rotations in primary care, internal medicine, and general surgery. Adept at examining medical conditions, providing emergency procedures, and communicating on a team to coordinate treatment.

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