Portfolio Guide: Product Management

Portfolio Criteria

Use the following criteria to develop your portfolio. This same criteria will be used when providing feedback.


  • Includes name, email address, and link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Demonstrates experience in, and passion for, the role you are pursuing.

No Extraneous Information

  • Minimum of 5 skills or tools listed as proficiencies.
  • No listing of % proficiency of skills or technologies.

List of Projects

  • 3-5 projects are listed.
  • For each project, a link to the specific live project, and a sub-page for the individual project are included.
  • Individual projects/homework assignments and group projects can be included.
  • Projects demonstrate specific proficiency in the jobs you are applying for OR show a diverse skill set – see your LAMP list from the enrichment activity for role descriptions.

Project Details – Each project includes:

  • Short description of the problem being solved.
  • List of the concepts and tools or software (if applicable) used in the analysis and solution.
  • Link to the project (if applicable).

Project Screenshots

  • Easy-to-understand thumbnails, screenshots, or artifacts from each project.

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