Social Work Brand Statement Samples

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Your brand statement expresses your professional value in a clear and concise introduction for employers. Think of it as a tool for you to tell the industry your story, including your education, accomplishments, and skills. You can get more detailed advice in our Brand Statement Guide.

Career Starter

Clinical social worker leveraging a background in customer service and care coordination to deliver solution-focused client services through empathy and active listening. Earned a Master of Social Work degree from the [school name] to develop skills in crisis intervention and program development. Successfully implemented and ran a weekly support group for children with terminal illnesses in hospital field placement. Passionate about increasing access to social services for hospice patients in underserved care facilities.

Career Switcher

Clinical social worker leveraging a background in customer service through leadership in collaborative thinking and strategic planning. Earned a Master of Social Work degree from the [school name] to hone skills in capacity building and program management. Collaborated on projects and demonstrated propensity for implementing programs. Excited to combine adaptability and coaching skills to serve school-based programs with students requiring support to overcome obstacles.

Career Advancer

Strategic social worker leveraging a five-year career in social work through passion and clinical expertise. Often tagged by management to train new employees and lead initiatives to increase program enrollment and outcomes. Earned a Master of Social Work degree from the [school name] to hone skills in program evaluation and program implementation. Led many projects, one specifically to implement a state-funded grant requiring newly arrived refugees be enrolled for case-management services. Expert in communication and crisis intervention to support clients using a solution-focused approach. Passionate about using program development, implementation, and evaluation to obtain and audit grants for mental health programs across the state.

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